Monday, September 19, 2016

River flows and trees


IMD said at the begin of the 2016 monsoon that India will have above average monsoon. Scientists countered this prediction saying that the denuded Western Ghats and the rest of India will ensure a subnormal monsoon in Karnataka. Thats precisely what has happened. Specialists must look a little beyond their noses and bring out the fundamental physiological properties of plants(read trees and other vegetation) which help in creating the giant sucking action of the sun via vegetation and ensure equitable distribution of water on the globe through small green communities of plants throughout the World.! A tree transpires its own weight of water in a day. Calculate for yourselves the fine implications of this which banished extreme floods and extreme droughts for eons in India before the advent of half baked modern civilization ushering in a society of specialists. See the dangers of dams which are causing climate change by direct heating up of the earth at Predicting Earthquakes: The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change. Reforest Mother Earth to Live!/R. Ashok Kumar. The links:


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