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“The Gujarat Model Of Development: What Would It Do To The Indian Economy?
By Rohini Hensman

The model of development in modern civilization(mc) is the same whether for Gujarat or the nation or the world: the cumulative effects of mc on its several parts are so destructive as to cause its suicide in due course of time. That is precisely we are witnessing right now as the world’s ecological spaces are being destroyed by mc which is based on policies underpinned by imperfect knowledge: It is harmless to withdraw resources from the earth by mining as they are separate and do not interact on one another either directly or through the medium of the earth. Herein lies the crux of the issues: corruption of the true. There is another way which is called normal civilization(nc) based on true knowledge: to see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate the inseparable. This strictly imposes discipline on nature’s economy: production, consumption and RETURN. In contrast to this corrupt mc practices suicide: production, consumption and waste which includes the practice of imports and exports everywhere and hence depletes resources and the costs go on spiraling of everything: raw materials, fuel, finished goods and services. In such a system, the efficiency of final delivered goods and services including end use is typically less than ten percent and on the average one to two percent. The corrupt civilization does not respect life and destroys nature. For example GM crops have no place for RETURN or for bees! The system must be changed to normal civilization which like nature tends towards a zero cost holistic  way of life. You can freeze modern civilization at a level which renders a normal way of life possible with ecology as its foundation. A promising new party like AAP must go the whole hog and implement a way of life giving primacy to living energy and outlawing artificial nuclear energy and other suicidal aspects of mc. The deleterious side effects of mc which destroy it are those caused by dams, monocultures, chemicalised commercial agriculture, excessive use of fuel guzzling modes of daily transport and electricity generation and use and deliberate concentration of economic activity maximizing the use of all precious resources and thus their wastage and causing unbearable unemployment and prices of finished goods. The specializations of mc are causing life to move from one set of crises to another new set resulting finally in extinction in a short period of time measured in a century or decades from now( a few generations of unhealthy carrying on of miserable existence according to specialist tenets of mc). 

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According to Ishwara, as told by timeless authorless The Gita, the blessed Lord said: Follow me and I will protect you. Have the governments of the people by the people for the people AND ALL LIFE AND ALL THAT IS, follow God? No. And God said, if you dont follow me and are silent while the wicked are at it, you will be destroyed!. See what you should do and what I have become hoarse appealing at: Reforest Mother Earth to Live! and Modern and Normal Civilizations/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar. Discard the modern and embrace the normal.

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