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Changeover to a normal civilization now.


No clear reason in the Kudankulam judgment

Thursday, May 23, 2013, 9:27 IST | Agency: DNA

And Re:
The Koodankulam Mystery : Indian Officials’ Exodus
By People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

There is no pure reason for the non-harmonised;
Nor for the non-harmonised is there concentration.
And for one without concentration there is no peace;
And for the unpeaceful, how can there be happiness?
- The Gita
Modern Civilization is corrupted because it is a society of specialists dealing with all that are as if they were separate existences and hence can be studied independently of other things. The circles are drawn around each activity as if they are mutually exclusive sets. This has led to corrupt power centres. And away from the truth when decisions are taken and implemented. White and black markets. Materials used which are not according to specifications but end products crafted from them which are passed off as conforming to what is acceptable and lining the pockets with the difference in cost between the true and the false! Even if the parts are of the correct specifications, are the human beings who implement them infallible? Energy audit of the full nuclear power programme shows that society outside the nuclear industry does not receive any electricity from year to year. What human beings have created have cumulative effects on one another to result in catastrophe. Click by google search on the energy audit of the indian nuclear programme get the details and check out. A simple example of this is the glaring lacuna in meeting water needs for all needs and greeds including electricity through the machines operating conventionally-thermal, hydro,nuclear. To meet the rapidly changing electrical demand from instant to instant, hydro generating stations are required. Otherwise there will be grid instability and power supply will be discontinuous and erratic or impossible. But the enormous capacity of hydro stations with their monstrous reservoirs of surface water storage kill the nuclear plants by a nuclear effect by means of their giant surge waves travelling through the earth continuously. By application of the precautionary principle, scientific studies have shown that Chernobyl disaster, the Narora nuclear plant damage, the Kashiwasaki Karowa nuclear park damage and the Fukushima meltdowns were triggered in part by these surges. There were of course conceptual, design, management and implementation lapses as well and this is a continuing phenomenon and lacuna generically of a society of specialists namely modern civilization. Our sages had precluded the application of such systems for civilization because it is based on falsehood, not truth. True knowledge is that everything is interconnected with everything else in continuous inseparable ways and there is no such thing as independence of phenomena. The way out of this is to accept the infinite superiority of all life and things natural and make significant changes in our ways of living. The bottom line is the preservation of the habitat of all life. This thus also means involving all sections of society vigourously and avoid the nuclear path in this world for both nuclear power and nuclear weapons. We want to live!


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