Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Design for preventing man-made extinction: Normal Civilization.


Disasters unveil China’s open season of accountability

China, rooted in modern civilization(mc),an abnormal self destructive way of life, has taken the logical next step within it, the accountability mechanism(am). But it cannot address the vital issue in this framework of mc. mc's fundamental dogma
is imperfect knowledge: To see the separate existences apart and seeing them apart, to hold that to be true. The solution is to be found when one goes up to an infinitely superior level called normal civilization to seek succour and design for survival.
Such a normal civilization is based on true knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate, the one inseparable. Such knowledge bares the way forward. Recognise that the various parts of modern civilization are interacting destructively with one another, that they are NOT NON-Interacting entities, as mc assumes ignorantly. Dams are one such part of mc. See the critical result of research on how dams are causing earthquakes and climate change at
PREDICTING EARTHQUAKES: The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change at

The relevant section is worth quoting:
 7. Worldwide Rainfall is being controlled rigidly by the World's Dams. What rigid Climate Change!
The daily dam content changes in the world are controlling world rainfall. As an example the June to September 2016  All India daily rainfall as a function of the daily cumulative seismic moment sum of worldwide earthquakes(2 MM and over moment magnitude) and the corresponding worldwide dam content changes causing these quakes are correlated
significantly( linear and 6-degree polynomial fit non linear).  More than 70 percent of the All India daily rainfall variations are explained by these dam content changes on a daily basis! 

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