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The black deeds of materialistic modern civilization


Is it any different in other parts of India? Modern civilization(mc) is purely materialistic causing  living beings to commit suicide. Just as the separatists by definition are so, so is mc the very epitomb of separatist specialist trash, the infinitely biggest terrorist.  There is no hope in such specialist mentality for truth to prevail: There is true knowledge:Learn thou it is this: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the SEPARATE, the one Inseparable. There is imperfect knowledge, the very basis of mc: To see the separate existences apart and seeing them apart, to hold it to be true. Then there is false knowledge: To cling to one as if it were all, heedless of the consequences, heedless of the harm(see the pic), narrow, dull and dark. Our way of life must give way to the supremacy of nature: Karma: The offering in sacrifice(return) which causes the genesis and support of beings. But what is happening? Blinded by mc, the separatist mentality is, like mc, leading to suicide! Mahatma Gandhi, taking one look at this materialistic culture in 1908, prophesized: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself! And with it the exclusiveness, divorced from true diversity-unity!  And Wendell Berry in his book The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture(1970) expressed the truth: In living in this world by his own will and skill, the stupidest peasant or tribesman is more competent than the most intelligent worker or technician or intellectual in a society of specialists. The specialist is a separatist with black destructive intent, whether in Kashmir or rooted in mc, the biggest terror. And Mahatma Gandhi also said that it is we Indians who should correct ourselves and improve ourselves. Self help is the best help and honesty is the best policy.


Haikus on India

Hear India's wani!
Modern civilization
Forcefully imposed!

Rulers ignore call
The call of true democracy
All lives are precious.

Even in themselves alas!
The foolish rule us.

Aeroplanes are lost
Cloudbursts flash floods landslides quakes
Dams cause nukes to melt!

You foolish rulers
Cause: Dams heating up the earth
Wild climate changes.

Modern ways of life
Based on absolute falsehood
Let your laws be God's

Modern ways of life
Are committing khudkushi
Follow true knowledge

Alienated lives
Modern ways prohibit love
Extinction breeder!

Let nature be life's base
Base actions on true knowledge
Separate is false!

Do work filled with songs
Live with purity of heart

With love and respect.


And this comment in enenews on human rights abuse and how Amnesty International is silent about nukes:

@ from a distance
September 22, 2015 at 7:21 pm
ECRR 2010 says that as frequently has happened in modern civilization built on false foundations, data might have been fudged to make ionising rads harmless and beneficial. Both Gofman and ECRR 2010 show this. And the model for external rads safety has been unscientifically extrapolated to measure internal radiation effects. As far as background radiation goes, it is magnified three orders of magnitude by uranium nanoparticles within living beings stuck to their dna phosphatic backbones and converted to beta rays at infinite biological effectiveness to destroy cells to create the myriad problems leading to kidney and brain damages and all other diseases observed where depleted uranium dust became ubiquitous with increasing nuke activities. Also such low level Sr-90 deposition due to atmospheric tests of nuclear bombs in living beings caused widespread infant mortality(23 million in India alone due to nuclear activities from 1945 to 1993) which my research on data officially released showed that it is witchcraft to claim hormesis. See


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Compare the action of depleted uranium dust to that of coronavirus COVID-19. When both are present in humans what is the prognosis?

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